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Top Forex Pairs

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Main Forex Concepts

The Forex market can be traded 24/5, around the clock. It is the largest and most traded market in the world. The daily turnover is 4 trillion US dollar, and this is larger than any other market turnover. Forex is specialized in buying and selling different fiat currencies, which come in pairs as a single trading instrument. For example, the two most famous currencies are European Union currency (EUR), and the american dollar (USD). They form the pair EUR/USD. One of them is considered a good and the other one the tool which will be paid to have the good. The profits from trading this pair is calculated due to the pair exchange rate and the direction of the prices as the time goes by.

On the Forex market, traders can trade quite a wide variety of currency pairs, which are categorized into 3 major groups:
Majors are the most traded pairs, they all contain american dollar, and another currency from countries with influence into the international market.
Crosses (Minors) are the forex pairs which do not contain USD. They are usually less traded than majors, but sometimes they change behaviour and are traded in high volumes.
Exotic pairs are low-liquid and their price movements are difficult to predict. They are created as a pair of USD and a currency from a non developing country.

OptimizeFunds Security Standards

Your trading activity is secured with banking level security standards.

Negative balance protection provided
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3D Online

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Experts in Forex trading

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