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First Deposit

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Main Stocks Trading Concepts

Stocks are differently named shares. They give the owners the right on a part of the company’s profit. A couple of years ago, stocks trading were exclusively for big investors. Lately, due to the technology, online trading platforms and the smaller capital asked to start with, stocks trading is accessible for everyone. OptimizeFunds trading environment is very comfortable and it provides traders with the necessary technology and standards to trade as smoothly as possible.

In order to make an efficient decision, a trader needs to analyse the overall picture of what is going on in the market at a certain moment of time. The trader needs to understand how the prices are moving and what moves them. At first know the influencers and after see how each influencer moves the price curve. Consider the news published by the company, read their numbers- they will show the company development aspiration and stability. Combine technical and fundamental tools to have a clear view of what a certain company can do for you.

There are three stocks categories based on their liquidity, volatility, spreads and volumes traded. The categories are blue chips, mid-caps, and small-cap stocks. Blue chips are reliable and liquid stocks. They have tight spreads, high liquidity, low volatility, and quite big daily traded volumes. Mid-caps are not as interesting as blue chips are. Low liquidity, small trading volume, wider spreads. Small-caps are the least liquid stocks, providing large spreads, very high volatility, significantly small trading volume.

Stocks traders are divided into many groups. Firstly, passive traders, who prefer to trade blue chips stocks, and less the two other categories. Secondly, active traders, who are used to growing their profits by minimizing the risks as much as possible. They trade all three stocks categories. Thirdly, speculators, who trade in the short-term, buy and sell in a short period of time, so they go for the most liquid stocks, the blue chips ones.

OptimizeFunds Security Standards

Your trading activity is secured with banking level security standards.

Negative balance protection provided
for all clients

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Premium (EV) SSL Certificates with 256-bit encryption

Payment processing reliability is confirmed by a PCI-DSS certificate of the highest level

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