Trading Strategies

When trading in financial markets, you will face many popular trading styles. Keep in mind that if a style brings good results for a trader, it does not mean that the same style results successfully for you also. In a few words, it is up to you and your circumstances which strategy to choose to trade with. Some factors are personality type, capital available, time available, knowledge and experience.

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Hedging Position

This model allows you to open and manage many positions in the same trading asset, in different directions. It is needed just to have enough margins to support all the opened positions.

Netting Position

In this model you can open one position only in a trading asset. If you open another position in the same asset, it will either adjust in its volume, reopen in the opposite direction or close automatically.

Swing Trading Strategy

The term ‘swing’, means that the trader can trade in both directions the market could go. Swings traders tend to buy an asset when it is expected that the price will go up. And, they will sell the asset if they think that the asset price will fall. Swing trading is a pure technical approach to financial market analysis, performed by charts analysis, individual movements that show a bigger picture variation.

Successful swing trading is based on how good the interpretation of the length and how long the swing took. This defines also the support and resistance levels. The swing traders will need to identify trends where the markets are raising or decreasing within the swing while observing trades.

End-of-day Trading Strategy

The end-of-day trading strategy means that the traders open their positions when the market is about to close. End-of-day traders invest their capital when they are sure that the price settles down on a certain value. This strategy requires the studying of the asset price of the days before.

Scalping Trading Strategy

Scalping is a strategy usually adapted by daily active traders. It is focused on various price gaps caused by sell-buy prices and order movements. The strategy works by buying at the bid price and selling at ask price, to get the difference between the two prices. Scalpers hold their positions for short periods of time, decreasing the risk level related to this strategy.

PositionTrading Strategy

Position trading uses daily to monthly trading charts to determine the future direction of the currency market. This type of trades are kept open for several days, weeks and often longer than that, depending on the instrument trend. Trend traders usually open positions after the trend has established itself. They close the position when the trend breaks.

Day Trading Strategy

Day trading is the most popular trading style. It is differently called ‘active trading’. It consists of buying and selling the asset within the same day. Every trade which is open during the day, is closed before midnight. This strategy is usually a choice of professional traders, who knows when to react and how. However, since there is a trading platform available online also, even new traders can apply day trading.

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